MpegTV (trial version was stopped for newcomers)

What is mpegtv?
MpegTV is an mpegts streamer/restreamer (for ubuntu 18.04 64bits) 
 - Written in C (Amd64 direct machine code no scripting/emulation/virtualisation)
 - Built-in h262,h264 and h265 analyser (no need to ffmpeg for restreaming)
 - Mysql database storage.
 - Very fast clients connection and channel zapping (works smoothly even with ddos attack)
 - Easy clients,streams.. manipulation (add/edit/disable/enable/delete).
 - On-demand channels option.
 - picon, epg and series support.
 - MAG devices support, classic (c) and minimalist (n) portals.
 - full xtream-codes panel compatibility (get/panel_api/player_api)
 - unlimited loadbalancers, clients, stream, channels...
 - optimized search into database (treats 30000 clients as they are only 300)
 - very low cpu usage (can be installed on VPS).
 - multi level subreseller system.
 - built-in activecode and anti-bruteforce attack.
History log:

 [23.10.2019] slave (r156)
	- fixed internal stream reader.
	- fixed url parser.
	- fixed http range causing video problems.

 [18.10.2019] mpegtv, slave
	- fixed palyer_api typo.
	- added missing request 'get_vod_info' in player_api.
	- fixed: send streams to clients.
	- fixed: change stream reader from ffmpeg to internal.
	- fixed create activecode.

 [17.10.2019] mpegtv
	- fixed api (please download 'files/api.tar.gz' for more infos)
	- fixed subreseller bug
	- fixed server bugs.
	- fixed player_api series infos.

 [12.10.2019] mpegtv, slave
	- fixed ondemand buffering (must update all slaves)
	- added more API requests

 [10.10.2019] mpegtv, slave
	- fixed buffer overflow bug.
	- added ffmpeg stream reader (not available on ubuntu14)
	- fixed api request /api.php?action=user&sub=edit
	- fixed api request /api.php?action=user&sub=info

 [07.10.2019] slave
	- fixed loadbalance channel reconnection.
	- fixed ondemand.
	- fixed invalid url bug.

 [07.10.2019] mpegtv
	- fixed stalker wrong theme path.

 [06.10.2019] mpegtv, slave/14
	- fixed slave crash.
	- fixed mag, added series, added stalker 'path/theme/devices_list' in global config
	- added grace period for clients

 [03.10.2019] mpegtv, slave/14
	- fixed slave bug.
	- api.php: added user create/info/edit.
	- fixed web interface
	- added multi bouquet for clients.
	- fixed non-stop ondemand.

 [01.10.2019] slave
	- fixed stream reader.

	- fixed mpegtv, last update dont connect

 [28.09.2019] update slave_14, slave, mpegtv
	- fixed connection bug for good
	- fixed loadbalance

 [26.09.2019] update slave, mpegtv
	- fixed channel ondemand
	- fixed mpegtv conection bug (PLEASE UPDATE TO NEW VERSION)

 [25.09.2019] update mpegtv
	- added client search by mac address
	- fixed live links 'http://host:port/user/pass/id'
	- fixed mpegtv connection timeout when sending a huge database to slaves

	- import all series/vod database from xtream
	- fixed paiement system now by default prepaid.

	- fixed vod in mag, portal must be entred like that in mag: http://hostname:port/c/ (dont forget forward slash "/" after c)

	- fixed mag portal
	- xconv: added conversion of forced_country,reseller_notes,admin_notes from table users
	- xconv: identify channel server_id from database
GENERAL OPTIONS (/var/mpegtv/mpegtv.cfg)
HTTP PORT: <port value>
Listening port for HTTP server
MYSQL SERVER: <mysqlserver ip/host>
Mysql hostname
MYSQL USERNAME: <username>
Mysql connection
MYSQL PASSWORD: <passsword>
Mysql connection
MYSQL DATABASE: <database>
Mysql database name
load ipcountry data from csv file
Install Mysql Server & ffmpeg libraries (main)
Ubuntu 18.04 (x86_64)
apt update
apt install ffmpeg libavcodec57 libavfilter6 libavformat57 mysql-server libmysqlclient20 xz-utils gzip unzip
Download and Extract files
wget -O /usr/local/bin/mpegtv
chmod 755 /usr/local/bin/mpegtv
wget -O /usr/local/bin/slave
chmod 755 /usr/local/bin/slave
mkdir /var/mpegtv
cd /var/mpegtv
tar -xzf mpegtv-data.tgz
Edit Config (/var/mpegtv/mpegtv.cfg)
Setup your MYSQL server parameters: server, database, username and password
Installation will fail if you dont put the right password for mysql server knowing that most of users do
MYSQL SERVER: localhost
Execute Main
Open now your browser and enter the server url with the http port
default login user: admin
default login pass: admin
Execute Slave Server
slave <port>
slave 9999
Convert Xtream-codes database to Mpegtv
Xtream to Mpegtv Converter
xconv ouputs sql requests for mpegtv database
Usage: xcon -u <mysql_username> -p <mysql_password> -d <xtream_database>

1. Download xconv
wget -O /usr/local/bin/xconv
chmod 755 /usr/local/bin/xconv
2. Upload you Xtream_iptvpro dump in server
3. Create xtream_iptvpro database
echo "create database xtream_iptvpro" | mysql -p
4. Install xtream_iptvpro database
mysql -p --default-character-set=utf8mb4 xtream_iptvpro < xtream_iptvpro.sql
5. Get the converted database
xconv -u mysql_username -p mysql_password -d xtream_iptvpro > mpegtv.sql
6. Create mpegtv database
echo "create database mpegtv" | mysql -p
7. Update mpegtv database
mysql -p mpegtv < mpegtv.sql
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